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Rising health-care costs have driven the demand for, and the price of, medical insurance sky-high. The availability of group coverage through employment has helped many Americans face such costs. However, people who are not currently covered by their employers have few affordable sources for group coverage. If you are not covered at work, inquire about coverage through your religious affiliation, professional organizations, or alumni association.

Individuals seeking medical coverage on their own can explore purchasing an individual health insurance policy. And those aged 65 and older may qualify for Medicare coverage.

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Types of health Coverage

There are three general classifications of medical insurance plans:


With a basic fee-for-service (indemnity) insurance plan, doctors and hospitals are paid a fee for each service provided to insured patients. Indemnity plans normally cover hospitalization, outpatient care, and physician services in or out of the hospital. 

Managed-care plans became popular in the 1990s as a way to help rein in rising medical costs. In managed-care plans, insurance companies contract with a network of doctors and hospitals to provide cost-effective health care. Managed-care plans include  (HMOs), (PPOs), and (POS) plans.


Health maintenance organization

An HMO operates as a prepaid health-care plan. You normally pay a monthly premium in addition to a small copayment for a visit to a physician, who may be on staff or contracted by the HMO.

Preferred provider organization

A PPO is a managed-care organization of physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other health-care providers who contract with an insurance company to provide health care at reduced rates…

Point-of-service plan

A POS health-care plan mixes aspects of an HMO and a PPO to allow greater patient autonomy. POS plans also use a network of preferred providers whom patients must turn to first and from whom …

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