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Aside from Service and 1:1 personal care, and what everyone else says they do… We’re business owners servicing other business owners. We understand what it takes to run businesses while keeping a reasonable work-life balance. We also have expertise in a few verticals and industry sectors we focus on. We’re not a captive agency. We have access to the entire inventory of financial tools and products in the market, and we choose the ones that best fit your business needs right now.

My approach is a bit different due to the fact that I, like you, also run a business. Because of that, I’m acutely aware that no business is the same, just like no entrepreneur is the same. I have no recipe and no secret sauce. What I do have is a system that will get you the best, within-budget, individual Financial Strategy & Group Benefit Program that will protect your business and give you an edge in the marketplace.

Jose M. Hernandez

Insurance Consultant

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